Geo Business Intelligence

Business data today is truly multidimensional making it difficult to analyze using traditional means such as tabular reports. It is estimated that approximately 80% of business intelligence includes a geography component. Hence, it becomes essential to visualize the data spatially to be able to make meaningful decisions.

BI environments have always focused on excellent analytical and presentation instruments. However, with spatial intelligence becoming a part of the decision making process, there is a growing need to integrate traditional data with spatial data sets to understand the interrelationships. Some typical examples of this include stocking retail stores based on weather patterns, analysis of insurance risks by geographical region, and area wise revenue realization in a utility company. It is apparent that integrating location dimension into business intelligence reporting and analysis is a necessity in gaining the competitive edge.

Smartsoft is helping companies introduce spatial intelligence to the business data via Smart GeoBI. It brings visualization into existing business intelligence environments such as SAP BI, through integration with leading mapping software from ESRI. Smart GeoBI is a powerful tool to generate spatial queries and visual analytics from existing business data. It provides the necessary framework to connect to backend databases, both logical and spatial, where data is stored in native applications. It has the capability to interact, query, and present visual analysis from a common interface.

Advances in visualization technology have made it possible to gain insights from vast amounts of data and reveal trends and patterns that are effectively detected only in a visual environment. Smart GeoBI makes it possible to analyze the relationships between data and different independent geographic layers such as customer locations, demographics, streets, weather etc.


  • Smart GeoBI helps businesses to capitalize their business intelligence investments by enabling them to discover new perspectives, consequently solving dilemmas which were previously inescapable, due to the limitations of traditional intelligence reports
  • Save valuable resources, streamline processes, predict workload/ revenues minimize risk and enhance business decision-making

Improved customer service & enhanced customer interaction is the hallmark of GeoCRM solution.