Geo Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management involves developing close relationships with your customers and driving profitable growth.

CRM is no longer just about streamlining sales, service, and marketing operations. Differentiation is the key. More & more companies are creating this differentiation by enhancing customer experience in each of the interactions with their organization. Geography places a very important role in developing strategies, be it in the form of a marketing campaign based on the demographics or providing better customer service. Building location intelligence into customer service operations greatly enhances an organization's capability to provide targeted services and improve response times.

However business transactions and geographical information have always been traditionally maintained in separate systems making it difficult to analyze data or provide services based on locations. This has been a challenge faced by many Industry segments viz Utilities, Public Sector Organizations, Real estate, Health Care, Insurance & Banking.

Smartsoft has been helping Organizations in overcoming this challenge through Smart GeoCRM, built on industry leading technologies SAP & ESRI. Smartsoft GeoCRM solution enables executives, managers, planners and operational users to visually analyze data and transactions by integrating the backend CRM system with GIS system. Smart GeoCRM provides an easy interface to users who can seamlessly access data from both systems bringing in a new era of planning and conducting business in a more intuitive visual environment.

Smartsoft delivers these solutions using a flexible engagement model delivering optimal value for every dollar spent.


  • Visual representation of tabular data for the benefit of management as well as end users
  • Identify influence of geographical or demographical factors in making business decisions such as new store locations, marketing campaigns, optimization of routes, damage control or provision of targeted services
  • Better management of maintenance crew operations and workflow by quickly displaying where existing calls have been recorded as new ones are being entered. This will greatly assist the planners in grouping calls so repeat tickets are not generated for the same problem thereby avoiding redundancy and improving crews time utilization.

Improved customer service & enhanced customer interaction is the hallmark of GeoCRM solution.

Product Datasheet:

80 hrs of onsite consulting services
for configuration & deployment

Product Warranty: 90 days

Minimum Systems Requirement:
    SAP ECC 6.0 with NW 2004s
    SAP GUI for HTML implemented
    ArcGIS Server 9.3 SP1
    Windows 2003 R2 Server with
    Microsoft IIS 6.0 and
    .NET Framework 3.5