Geo Enterprise Asset Management

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Public sector and utility industries typically have large number of assets spread over vast geographical areas. Tracking & maintenance of these assets presents a major challenge because of the need to comply with regulatory requirements Organizations are looking for opportunities to reduce the cost of maintaining their assets and improve the return on investment by extending the life of those assets.

Smartsoft's GeoEAM product is the means to accomplish that objective ! The product provides a integration framework to brings location intelligence to business processes in asset maintenance by integrating SAP asset management with ESRI mapping technologies.

Smartsoft GeoEAM improves the efficiency of operations and response times by providing real time information to all parties involved in the asset maintenance network including customers, asset owners and maintenance staff – accomplished by integrating customer's service requests from web portals and providing mobile capabilities to field crews.

Smartsoft GeoEAM leverages the native functionality built in SAP and ESRI software to manage physical assets – capital equipment, vehicle fleets, and facility complexes – over the entire life cycle of the asset. In conjunction with its powerful reporting and analytics capabilities GeoEAM Solution helps in reducing operating costs and improving asset utilization.

Smartsofts GeoEAM allows interaction with SAP & ESRI with single sign on and a user friendly interface. The mapping interface provides the field crews a user friendly intuitive way to quickly locate the assets in the field, while planners can use the same interface to schedule work for optimal crew utilization. Planners, crews and executives can seamlessly access information from backend SAP and ESRI systems and map the information for visual analysis. Integrated environment lends to visual identification of trends and patterns based on locations that could easily go undetected in tabular data. It also enables data integrity between the systems. Data can be entered either in GIS or in SAP with automatic synchronization and real time updates.


  • Improved business processes
  • Increased efficiency in  asset management throughout their life cycle.
  • Faster response times due to real time capabilities
  • Optimal utilization of field crews time
  • Early detection of trends enabling better decision making 
  • Improved ROI on assets

Product Datasheet:

80 hrs of onsite consulting services
for configuration & deployment

Product Warranty: 90 days

Minimum Systems Requirement:
    SAP ECC 6.0 with NW 2004s
    SAP GUI for HTML implemented
    ArcGIS Server 9.3 SP1
    Windows 2003 R2 Server with
    Microsoft IIS 6.0 and
    .NET Framework 3.5