Geo Supply Chain Management

Innovative organizations have been focusing on the use of information about locations in supply chain management. A geographic view of a company's supply chain - suppliers, manufacturing, warehouses, distribution centers and customers - can provide valuable inputs on travel times and routes for transporting goods and services.

Smartsoft's GeoSCM integrates SAP SCM with ESRI mapping technologies to provide visual analysis of supply chain operations. The solution provides spatial analysis of supply chain networks helping management executives to evaluate:

  • alternative supplier routes to reduce cost or improve delivery times
  • impact of delays from a supplier and alternatives
  • relevance of inventory locations to customer clusters

Smart GeoSCM can also be used to determine the best possible locations for service centers or retail stores considering demographics or other factors.

Smart GeoSCM has a mobile component that can be effectively used to capture real time information on deliveries or services from the field using mobile devices.